May 21, 2013

Miller learns his lesson

Spring Valley (Columbia, S.C.) linebacker Christian Miller is back on the market after decommitting from Florida recently.

Since then, he has decided to start the recruitment process over, and take a look at any and all schools that are coming after him.

On Monday, another team, Georgia, threw its hat in the ring in a unique manner by sending three coaches at Miller with the third extending an offer.

"I got a message from Coach O (Kirk Olivadotti) and it said for me to give him a call when I get a chance," Miller said. "I called and he basically just told me that they have been high on me since before I committed and once I committed they felt it was kind of done for me. He said that they didn't really get a chance to recruitment like they wanted to, but once they found out things had opened back up, they wanted to get in on me. Then he put me on the phone with Coach (Todd) Grantham. He told me how he likes my film and how he likes how I play. Then he put me on the phone with Coach (Mark) Richt and he went ahead and offered me a scholarship."

The Palmetto State blue chipper was pleased with how the offer was extended, and he was also excited about what the message delivered by the UGA staff in that phone call.

"I thought it was great the way they offered me. I got to talk to Coach Grantham and the Head Coach extended the offer so that was cool," he said. "They told me they want to get me down there soon. They said they would love to get me down there in the next month or so. They told me that if they need to, they will clear out a day for me to come down and spend the day there. I'm really excited about it."

Miller says that things are still very new with Georgia, but he does acknowledge that the Bulldogs run the kind of defense he wants to play in at the next level.

"I definitely prefer playing in the 3-4," he said. "I don't really like the 4-3 too much. It isn't that I don't like it really, but I just feel that with everything I have to offer (as a player) I am better in the 3-4. I feel like I have a natural ability to pass rush and I can also drop and play in space, so that is why I fit the 3-4 best. That is why I prefer a 3-4 over any of the schemes."

The Rivals100 standout is also intrigued by Grantham's success with pass rushing outside linebackers in his 3-4 defense, and Miller is especially a fan of one player in particular.

"I'm very big on Jarvis Jones," Miller said. "I loved watching him play last season. Even the season before I remember watching him play against Florida, two years ago, and he had an incredible game that day. That is definitely appealing to me. I can see myself playing that role kind of like Jarvis did because we are similar coming out of high school. I plan on playing that outside linebacker like Jarvis in college so it is definitely exciting."

When the four-star prospect decommitted from the Gators recently, many felt that Alabama would be the team to beat for his services going forward.

Miller says that Alabama is still team he is seriously considering, but he dismisses the notion that he is bound for any school as of yet.

A decision, according to the 6-foot-4, 215 pounder, is something that he isn't close to being ready to make.

"I guess that came up because I said something about how they (Alabama) was really pushing for me, but I don't plan to recommit any time soon," he said. "I want to take all my visits and stuff. I want to see everywhere and make sure I feel comfortable. I know I should have done that in the first place, but I was just a little eager at the time and feeling a lot of pressure. You know how recruiting goes. I'm really open right now and entertaining everybody and wanting to get a look at everywhere so I can feel comfortable before I make another decision. It will definitely be my last because I don't want to go back on my word again."

The summer will be full of camps and visits for Miller, and due to proximity and his desire to see what UGA has to offer, he anticipates seeing visiting Athens soon.

"I plan on getting down there (to Georgia), I would say before the Opening on June 30," he said. "It will probably be in the month of June especially since Georgia is pretty close to me. It is just two and a half or three hours to Athens and that is an easy trip to make. I've already talked to my mother about it."

Having dealt with the process of committing and decommitting already, Miller believes he has learned a lesson.

He feels that when he makes his next decision, he will need to be certain enough that he could sign with the lucky school on the spot if that were possible.

"With a decision, until I take a number of visits and see some places and feel 100 percent comfortable, I can't say yet," Miller said. "I want to be comfortable with signing my name on letter of intent before I commit. I don't want the rumors and stuff like that to be out there again so I really don't know when I plan on making a decision. It will probably be down the line and no time soon."

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