Posey talks recruiting


C.J. Posey, an athlete out of Russellville High School in the 2013 recruiting class, is a dominating force on offense playing positions that include, running back, cornerback, receiver, quarterback, punter, and kick return. Although Posey likes to play receiver the most and also recruited as one, he says he enjoys every position and will play whichever one the schools want to offer.

Many schools have Posey on their radar and have reached out to him during the season.

"The schools that are mainly contacting me are Middle Tennessee, Tennessee-Chattanooga, and Mississippi," he said. "They are the main ones. None of the coaches have really come to see me yet. Over the summer I went to a Mississippi State and Chattanooga camp where I interacted with them."

"I visited Mississippi State back in early June. It is a good campus. I like how it is laid out. The camp went well. It was straightforward and direct. I liked it there."

Two campuses were visited within two days of each other. Posey attended UT-Chattanooga and Ole Miss during the late July. He spoke of his visit to Ole Miss.

"It was pretty good," Posey said. "I like it there. I like how they have the indoor facility and all the groups going against each other and being competitive."

Posey also discussed his time at UT-Chattanooga.

"I didn't really get to see the campus," he said. "It was just on one side where I was. I don't know much about it, but it seemed all right. The camp was run pretty well. I did all right, not too well because the day before I was at Ole Miss, so I was tired from that camp."

Whereas Posey currently does not have any offers, he did name a few favorites.

"I really like Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Georgia Southern," he said. "I'm just wide open to whichever school offers the best for me."

Posey shows great potential for growth during the season, and he plans on concentrating on this year.

"I have no plans to visit right now, just mainly focusing on the season as of now," he added.